How to buy a used DSLR Camera

Buying a used DSLR Camera sometimes confusing and lots of bucks go out from your pocket.Here are some guildlines for buying a used DSLR Camera.

Try to buy from non-professionals
Try to buy from non-professionals:professionals use their cameras roughly.The cameras remain busy all day long and go hand to hand everyday.Buying a used camera from a professional that the camera come with lots of wear and tear on it.It is wise to buy a used DSLR Camera from than a consumer because it is less used and proper care have taken than a professional.

Check for Shutter count
Sometimes a camra look nice on the surface.But if you want to know how much the camera has been used actually,check the shutter count.The shutter count gives you a actual data,the amount of actuations that the shutter has completed.You will also get a idea of how long the shutter has left before it will need to get replaced.It is important, if you want to take still photos as well as videos.

Maximum Shutter Actuations Life Prediction for Canon Cameras

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS / 1000D – 100,000
Canon EOS Digital Rebel T1i / 500D – 100,000
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / 450D – 100,000
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi / 400D – 50,000
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT / 350D – 50,000
Canon EOS 50D – 100,000
Canon EOS 40D – 100,000
Canon EOS 30D – 100,000
Canon EOS 20D – 50,000
Canon EOS 10D – 25,000
Canon EOS 5D Mark II – 150,000
Canon EOS 5D – 100,000
Canon EOS 1D Mark III – 300,000
Canon EOS 1D Mark II N – 200,000
Canon EOS 1DS Mark III – 300,000
Canon EOS 1DS Mark II – 200,000

Maximum Shutter Actuations Life Prediction for Nikon Cameras

Nikon D4 – 400,000
Nikon D3, D3x, D3s – 300,000
Nikon D800/D800E – 200,000
Nikon D700, Nikon D600 – 150,000
Nikon D7000, D300s, D300 – 150,000
Nikon D5100, D5000, D3100, D3000, D90 – 100,000

Inspect the sensor

When someone try to buy,hes/she always look at everything such as the body, the viewfinder, LCD screen, etc.But do not pay attentin to check the camera's sensor.A camera may look perfect on outside but may have scratches or imperfections on the sensor.You need to be very carful while buying used gear as the seller may not disclose the defect on the sensor.